Thursday, September 19, 2013

101 in 1001

101 in 1001

These are not bucket list items.  These are meant to be everyday things that expand and enrich my life.  I give myself 1001 days to complete the 101 items.  So, they should be done by June 16, 2016

1.  Create the list  (September 2013)
2.  Finish my wall of art 
3.  Set up a schedule for posting on the blog
4.  Start taking "outfit of the day" shots to create a section on the blog
5.  Wardrobe overhaul
6.  Invest in a classic handbag
7.  Drink 8 glasses of water (or 1 gallon) every day for one week
8.  See all the Harry Potter movies
9.  Send fifty handwritten notes (6/50)
10. Visit a city I've never been to before
11. Revisit Boston
12. Catch up on all the magazines I have
13. Throw out or donate twenty things and do not replace them
14. Create an official address book with friends' and family's information
15. Send out Christmas Cards
16. Spend a day with siblings doing whatever they want, all paid for by me
17. Wear makeup for every day for twenty-one days
18. Make ten recipes off of Pinterest
19. Send my mom and stepmom flowers out of the blue
20. Learn calligraphy 
21. Read 100 new books
22. Get a facial
23. Get my nails done for Orchid Ball
24. Get new glasses (October 2013)
25. Go camping
26. Revitalize five pieces of furniture 4/5 (Nightstand x2, Desk, Makeup container  - October 2013)
27. Go to the top of the Empire State Building
28. Go zip lining
29. Have a friend take a portrait for my blog
30. See ten "classic" films
31. Get a DSLR camera
32. Find out my blood type
33. Go skydiving
34. Finish my Renaissance Faire costume
35. Volunteer at a soup kitchen
36. Donate old clothes 
37. Surprise the boy with something special
38. Donate money to a friend's charitable cause (September 2013)
39. Clean out kitchen
40. Run a 10k
41. Develop an exercise regimen and stick to it for 21 days
42. Take a yoga class
43. Visit five new states
44. Learn how to shoot a gun
45. Learn to snowboard
46. Write a short story
47. Have boudoir pictures taken
48. Give twenty "just because" gifts
49. Achieve target weight
50. Research Dad's side of the family back to immigration to USA
51. See one of the wonders of the world
52. Visit ten new museums
53. Work with an interior designer (or design-minded friend) for one room in my apartment
54.  Work on Inbox Zero
55. Get personalized stationary 
56. Buy a Hermés scarf
57. Join the local public library (October 2013)
58. Floss everyday for one month
59. Purchase and learn photo editing software
60. Go tubing on a river
61. Go apple picking (October 2013)
62. Make my college t-shirt quilt
63. Pay off credit card debt
64. Put together a master birthday calendar and send birthday cards
65. Get up without pressing snooze for one week
66. Avoid eating out for one month
67. Participate in 31 days
68. Build a wardrobe look-book
69. Make 20 things off of Pinterest (not food)
70. Learn to throw a football
71. Discover 30 new restaurants
72. Complete a blog challenge (like A-ZSomething from here, etc)
73. Buy myself flowers every week for a month
74. Spend a week Facebook free
75. Figure out a way to showcase my jewelry
76. Go paintballing
77. See the northern lights
78. See a movie in the theatre by myself
79. Go Geocaching
80. Complete 30 miles in 30 days challenge
81. Leave 100% tip
82. Have my palms read
83. Design the blog to reflect my personal style/content
84. Unsubscribe from as many email services as possible
85. Subscribe to one more style magazine
86. Subscribe to one good home DIY magazine
87. Subscribe to one good cooking magazine
88. Take a free online class
89. Start donating monthly to the Phi Rho Foundation
90. Attend a group
91. Dye my hair
92. Finish writing the book
93. Watch 10 different TED talks and review/talk about them on the blog (1/10)
94. Micro-finance 10 female-owned businesses via Kiva
95. 200 Sit Ups challenge
96. 200 squats challenge
97. Write a letter to myself to open on my 30th birthday
98. Buy something from Tiffany's
99. Find an updo and make it my go-to
100. Take one class a season
101. Save $20 for each goal accomplished

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Komoniwannashoya said...

That's quite a list. The next 101 needs to include a 1/2. I'll do it with you.